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Introduction of General Affairs Office

The General Affairs Office is dedicated to serving all faculties and students and aiding the process of teaching, learning and growth by providing an outstanding learning environment. With our outstanding campus as a starting point, the Office aims to gradually improve the quality of campus environment in order to create a cozy, friendly environment for diverse learning so that all staffs, faculties and students would be able to grow together with TUT in a safe and comfortable environment.

Focusing on overall campus operations, the Office shall gradually integrate various spaces in order to achieve the goals of resource sharing and improving space and equipment utilization. The General Affairs Office takes aspects of student learning, lifestyle, teaching, research and working environment for vocational workers very seriously and with a highly effective administrative team at the Office that is committed to constantly improving service efficacy in order to create a cozy, safe and learning-oriented campus, the Office has chosen to achieve its goal and vision through hardware by planning overall campus environment with relevant constructions and improvements. By creating a diverse learning space that is filled with cultural innovation and delivering a quality and elegant environment for faculties and students, everyone at the campus shall be able to learn and grow to their hearts content without worries.